• Jalangi: A concolic testing, symbolic execution, record-replay, and dynamic analysis framework for JavaScript
  • Parallel, low-power web browsers: This project investigates future browsers from two perspectives: energy-efficient implementation of the browser and programmability of client applications.
  • Automated programming revisited: Computer-aided programming that brings the computational power to the process of constructing programs.
  • CodeHint: CodeHint is a smart auto-completion and code synthesis tool.
  • SwiftHand: An automated GUI testing tool for Android apps.
  • Program synthesis for biology: Synthesis of concurrent programs that model how stem cells determine their fate.
  • CalFuzzer: An active random testing tool for multi-threaded Java.
  • CATG (A new Java Concolic Testing Tool), CREST, jCUTE, CUTE and DART: Combining concrete and symbolic analysis to test sequential and parallel C and Java programs.
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